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Polo test starts today

Kenmore Bynoe

Polo test starts today

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More than 40 years of tradition and pride wii be at stake when the Cheshire Polo Club teams begin their four “test” series today against Barbados at Holder’s today.
Competitors arrived in the island between Wednesday and Friday for the four-day tournament which was started back in the 1960s between Sir Charles Williams and Mickey Moseley out of Cheshire.
Lucy Taylor, spokesperson for the group, and newly installed Cheshire chairman Paul Thomason said that the tour served multiple purposes.
“We want to keep up the tradition established by Sir Charles and Mickey and while battling for the title, we hope to provide game opportunities for our Under-21 players to further hone their skills,” Thomason said.
The chairman also said that the tour kept the door open for Barbados polo players to become their guests in the future.
“With the world economic crunch a number of polo clubs are not travelling like before. Thus, tours like this help clubs like Lion Castle and Holder’s Hill, where we will be playing, to raise some revenue at the bar,” he noted.
“That injection of finances is vital since it is the club members who maintain the polo clubs,” Thomason added.
Today Cheshire’s Under-21 team will play a local squad before the adults from Britain battle a Barbados team in the second match at 4 p.m.
A number of the Under-21 visitors will also be turning out for the Cheshire first team.