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Air ache

Carlos Atwell

Air ache

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A popular local broadcaster is taking the media – particularly radio – to task for not meeting its role in developing the community.
Patron of this year’s St Paul’s Fiesta, Larry Mayers, said he had a real problem with media managers who did not recognize they had to go back to the days when the church had pride of place on air, a position highly visible in periods, including the Lenten Season.
“We have forgotten the values that have made us strong; our radio stations have failed to realize the importance of their role. We are failing to understand the importance of radio stations in relation to the community . . . [and] I have a real problem with media managers who fail to recognize we must go back to that point,” he said.
Mayers was speaking yesterday at the fiesta’s launch at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Bay Street, St Michael.
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