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Church ‘no cash cow’

Cheryl Harewood

Church ‘no cash cow’

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Based on God’s word, the Church was not started as a cash cow for some whose integrity and scruples are seemingly questionable.
So says Pastor Courtney Selman, head of Prayer Warriors International Fellowship and Worship Centre.
He made this statement at his Pasture Road, Haggatt Hall, St Michael church recently during a service to mark the eighth anniversary of the Quarter Hour Of Prayer Power radio programme, of which he is the host.
The outspoken preacher lambasted those who used church funds for personal gain, while explaining that his speech was not “to target or single out hard-working, sincere, honest, dedicated and committed Christian leaders”.
To the guilty, he said: “Please forgive me if I inadvertently ruffle your feathers or step on your toes. You can either say Amen, or ouch! I shall speak the truth and set my conscience free.”
The morning service, which included special ministry in song, was charged with prayer, praise and worship prior to and after Selman’s address.
He told the congregation he was acutely concerned with the direction that the Body of Christ was taking, as it pertains to money and the church.
“The church was not set up to provide misguided greedy [people] with private jets, Mercedes, BMWs, big ride SUVs, $5 000 suits, hundreds of pairs of expensive shoes – [those who jet-set] all over the world on the backs of poor people, [those who have] big bank accounts with thousands, if not millions of dollars in them,” he charged.
“I am not saying that all churches or church leaders are like that. There are a number of churches that reach out to the poor and needy. One that quickly comes to mind is the Salvation Army [Church],” he explained.
Those within earshot sat glued to their seats as Selman reminded the “shepherds of the flocks” of the reasons why the church was started and why Jesus came into the world.
“Dr Luke said Jesus was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the broken-hearted, preach deliverance to the captives, recover the sight of the blind, and set at liberty those who are bruised, he stressed.
“Acts 20:28 says, ‘You are overseers to feed the Church of God, which He hath purchased with His own blood.’
“Don’t you raise four, five, seven or 40 million dollars to buy megachurches? Don’t you raise $50 000 or more to buy church buses?
“Don’t tell this brother you cannot put a programme in place to raise $10 000, $20 000, $30 000 or $50 000 yearly to feed the homeless, poor and needy and provide for them!”
Selman urged his “brothers and sisters in Christ” to revisit Hebrews, Chapter 11, Verse 1, and claim it.
He also said, “Let us wrap Philippians, Chapter 4, Verse 13, around our minds and allow it to come alive in our hearts. It says you can do all things through Christ.
“Don’t only speak it and preach it, but I challenge you to let it come alive in your actions.”
Selman spoke of a programme at the Hanson Place Church in New York (his former church) where 200 people were fed regularly and extensive work was done to provide for the less fortunate.
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