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DEAR CHRISTINE: Now, he only comes for sex

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Now, he only comes for sex

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Dear Christine,
I have a problem over an affair with a married man which started about two years ago. During the first six months our relationship went smoothly. Now I find he is drifting slowly but surely away from me.
I asked him on many occasions if he does not love me anymore, and he replied: “I love you and I’ll always love you because you are my wife.”
Christine, this man used to visit my house regularly every night. But what I realize now is that he only comes when he wants sex. I told him I cannot have him doing this to me anymore, but he keeps telling me he does not only like to use my body, but he likes my company.
There was a time when I did not have to ask him for anything, or ask him to take me out. Now everything has changed. During the holidays he spent a lot of time taking out his wife and I just had to stay at home.
Christine, do you think I should leave him instead of staying and being some sort of cooler in his time of need?
– SS
Dear SS,
Affairs with a person who is married usually come to an end. It’s only in very rare exceptions that a man would leave his wife for his lover.
The time has now come for him to move on and he is giving you the cue. Is it so difficult for you to understand? If he claims not to just want your body but your company ask yourself how come you are not seeing more of him these days and not only when he wants to have sex?
If you want to be his cooling system you’ll stay, but at the end of the day, know that you are not his wife. He therefore has no obligations to stick around.
This man is playing you so much that he is trying to convince you that you are his wife when you know you’re not.
On the other hand, if you have come to your senses, you’ll leave him and any other married man alone.