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No shortcuts!

Carlos Atwell

No shortcuts!

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Reverend Canon Wayne Isaacs is asking Barbadians not to compromise their integrity in the pursuit of success.
During a sermon delivered yesterday at the service commemorating the launch of the St Paul’s Fiesta 2012, he said Jesus also resisted the urge to take the easy way out.
The sermon was entitled Nothing That Is Good Comes Easily and referenced the three temptations of Jesus Christ while in the desert. The launch of the fiesta took place at the St Paul’s Anglican Church in Bay Street.
“Jesus was tempted to look for the easy way to turn people to him, but wisdom prevailed and he refused to take any shortcuts. Satan says to him do something spectacular, but in rejecting the temptation Jesus makes the point that the spectacular is not always the right thing to do.
“Jesus recognizes the importance of living a life based on certain principles that are non-negotiable and cannot be traded for cheap popularity, fame or social mobility. Jesus is not in the popularity game . . . . He will not employ gimmickry for people’s love,” he said.
Isaacs said Barbadians could take this to heart as well.
“Like Jesus, we too are tempted to, from time to time, take shortcuts as we pursue our personal and collective goals [but] if we seek the easy way and travel the path of taking shortcuts, we expose ourselves to all kinds of evil.
“This thinking can lead us to compromise our principles, make false promises, tell lies, engage in underhanded activities and be corrupted. We can end up selling our souls as we strive to gain the world,” he said.
Isaacs said it was not necessary to try to perform miracles to be successful, as all that was necessary was to simply practise honesty and be true to ourselves.
“Do not fall for glamour and fame; do not seek cheap popularity; it can be a source of great destruction. Do not sell yourself and let it be known you are not for sale.
“Our Lord’s rebuff of the devil is a call for us to always do what is right. Jesus invites us to do so, even if it costs us to lose our friends and families. If we do the right thing, no one will be able to point a finger at us . . . [and] when we lie down to sleep we will do so in peace. Do not exchange right for wrong or truth for a lie, and in all things be true to yourself,” he said.
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was one of the invited guests.
In a brief presentation, he said he was happy to attend the service and praised Isaacs for a sermon he said should have been heard nationally.
Fiesta chairperson Tyrone Branch said the church would not be holding the king and queen competition this year, but would have a “mega fun zone” for children which would include a petting zoo, bumper cars and an old games section featuring hopscotch and jacks.
In addition, he said there would be a singing competition open to all the Anglican churches in Barbados and a “mini-fiesta” called A Taste Of Fiesta in Speightstown on April 14.
As for fund-raising, he said it was going well and the church had 57 sponsors, although he said it was still looking for major sponsors.