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Michelle’s best seller life

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Michelle’s best seller life

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Can you imagine being involved in two car accidents within a matter of minutes? Or moving into a house and then having to move out the same day?
Michelle Russell knows all too well because these terrible things, and a whole lot more, have happened to her. After enduring what she has dubbed a “rough couple of years” where everything that could possibly go wrong in her life, did, she had at least one bright spark.
“I didn’t plan to write a book, I just never had the desire. I had a rough last couple of years, especially late last year when a whole bunch of stuff went wrong. I write in my journal because you can say things you can’t say out loud, but this time I didn’t go for my journal.
“I sat in front of my computer for at least 12 hours and I just wrote about everything that was happening to me,” she revealed.
“I sat there and did not move. It wasn’t thought about; I just sat there and wrote.”
Perhaps it was the act of pouring out her heart and soul – which unbeknownst to her at the time would evolve into a book – that proved to be a release.
“Two weeks later I just looked at it and realized that, as I was writing, I was finding answers or solutions to things that had plagued me for years,” said the 30-year-old attorney. “It was an emotional journey to put all of that on paper.” 
Michelle was unsure where the epiphany had come from but after sharing her work with friends, they encouraged her to take it to the next level.
“My friends convinced me to send it to a publisher,” she says. “I sent it to two publishers but I eventually went through Amazon to have it published.”
Despite the encouragement of her friends, Michelle battled her own self-doubt during the several months it took for the publishing process to be completed.
“I figured if they put it on Kindle, it would be better to get a feel for if it would be something that people would want to read,” she said.
Michelle’s intuition proved right; putting it on Kindle turned out to be a winner with readers and pushed the book to the bestseller list.
“Imagine my surprise at the response. To date there are 11 000 downloads of the Kindle versions of Life Is Not Ideal, Deal With It,” said Michelle. “It’s a No. 1 best seller in the category of Emotion & Feelings. It was also a No.1 hot new release in three different categories. I also made it to the No. 2 best seller in two categories in Personal Transformation. This is within the first month.”
Michelle admits that she still makes a point of checking the book’s progress every day, just because she’s still having a hard time believing its success.
Personally, the book has given her a new outlook on life and a new resolve in terms of facing up to and dealing with problems. This turnaround in good fortune was a welcome reprieve for Michelle, whose friends had told her months before that she needed a “bush bath” because of the bad things that kept happening to her.
“The reviews I’ve been getting have been heartwarming,” said Michelle. “One night I was thinking, perhaps it may have all been worth it. It’s been a painful past couple of years and I’ve hated it. As much as I can look back and see growth, I hated the journey.”
Since the book has been such a success, Michelle says she may contemplate doing another.
“After doing this book, I felt naked because the covers or shields that I used to protect myself are now down after writing this,” she said laughing.
But she admits she has grown personally from the experience.
“Before I wrote the book I was really hating my life,” she said, “but I can handle it now. I have learned that you have to be flexible and willing to make plans and make them again when life throws something at you.”