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What’s Trending:Dealing with distracted drivers

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What’s Trending:Dealing with distracted drivers

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
Online readers welcome the news from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that Government will be paying attention to drivers who drink and drive and those who text while behind the wheel.
Stuart also cautioned that breathalyzer tests will finally be introduced for law enforcement officials this year to curb drink driving.
This is what readers had to say today.
Gabrielle Crichlow: “How does the dear Prime Minister plan to stop people from tweeting …. The breathalyzer test seems feasible but I fail to see how the Government will be able to stop people from using their phones….”
Andre Petite: “All these drivers on the road like to text while driving with their BB’s. It is amazing how some of them don’t get into accidents while driving. There are also those persons who drive while under the influence of alcohol but these persons are playing with their lives while driving on the country’s roads doing what they do on a daily basis. It seems to me that there is no health and safety policy while driving on this island’s roads. And people lack a safety conscious mind while driving…”
Kenneth King: “About time such a ruling becomes law after many people lose their lives due to drunk driving and people who tend to use their mobile phones while the vehicle is in motion. However, this law must appeal to everyone. This law is long overdue.
Clarke Beatte: “It’s about time, just about ten years too late.”
Sharon Woolley: “The sad thing is they play with other people’s lives. So many times it’s the innocent victim that dies.”
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