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FULL STORY:Evicted mum cries for help

Maria Bradshaw

FULL STORY:Evicted mum cries for help

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THIRTY-YEAR-OLD DIONNE KNIGHT endured the worst night of her life on Sunday.
She was forced to sleep inside a galvanized shed with her three young children, including a two-month-old baby.
So uncomfortable was the situation that the young mother is crying out for assistance in getting a house so that her children would not have to go through that experience again.
Cuddling her crying baby, Knight said a domestic dispute led to her and her boyfriend, who is also the father of two of her children, being evicted from his mother’s house at Ricks Road, Thorpes, St James.
“She told us to leave and we had nowhere to go, so all we could do was to put up the beds inside the shed and sleep out here,” she said, as she pointed to all of her belongings, which were also packed away inside the shed.
But she said not even the bed sheets and curtains which she hung on the galvanized sheets to keep out the elements and the insects were helping.
When it rained on Sunday night, the family had to seek shelter in her boyfriend’s small car because the shed was leaking.
“I?am very concerned, especially for the baby. This is no place for a young baby,” she cried. Her other children are 11 and seven years old.
Knight explained that she moved in with her boyfriend when, following a court case, she and her mother lost the house they had lived in for several years.
“I?had nowhere to go, but me and my boyfriend’s mother do not get along,” she said, adding that the domestic situation had been stressing her out.
The unemployed woman pointed out that she had sought assistance from both the National Housing Corporation and the Welfare Department.
“The Welfare [Department] told me that if I?found a house they would pay half the rent, but I?have not been able to find any which we can afford. I?am pleading for help. This situation is affecting my children,” she said.