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Stop banks foreclosing on homes!

Barry Alleyne

Stop banks foreclosing on homes!

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Andrew Bynoe didn’t change his tune.
But he did start a new dance step.
The outspoken businessman who touched a social nerve in Barbados last month when he suggested Barbadians could sacrifice ten per cent of their salaries in the midst of the recession, thinks that saving jobs, creating new jobs and protecting the mortgage investments of cash-strapped Barbadians are actually more important issues than a possible wage cut to help the country recover.
Bynoe, the managing director of Carlton and A1 and Emerald City supermarkets, is now calling on the Government to hurriedly enact legislation to prevent banks from foreclosing on the homes of Barbadians who may default on their mortgage payments during the current difficult economic times.
Bynoe made the call on Monday night at the hall of the Combermere School during a panel discussion on the economy, cost of living and finance.
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