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Skeene and St Giles rule

Sherrylyn A. Toppin

Skeene and St Giles rule

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A whopping 27 records were wiped from the books as the Hilda Skeene girls and St Giles boys took the crowns at the Jim Wedderburn Zone of the 2012 Pine Hill National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championships (NAPSAC).
The rains stayed away from the National Stadium yesterday, and Hilda Skeene made a late surge to win back-to-back girls’ titles with 159 points, denying St Giles (157) the double, both doing very well in the relays late in the afternoon.
Roland Edwards were a distant third on 111.5, while early leaders Grazettes slipped to fourth on 111 and Sharon fifth with 109.5.
The St Giles boys led from pole to pole for a commanding victory with 213 points, ahead of defending champions Grantley Prescod (134), Sharon (123) and Hilda Skeene on 106.
Two NAPSAC records were among the 27 which fell yesterday.
In the Under-13 Girls’ 200 metres, Jenia Davis of Roland Edwards stunned the field with a 25.22-second clocking, shattering the meet record of 26.68 by Jaria Hoyte and the meet record of 27.88 set by Rosette Hoyte last year.
Everyone was expecting Grazettes’ Shontae Cole to win that event after slamming the field in a new zone record of 13.30 seconds in the 100m and again in the 400m in 1:04.90, but she was a distant seventh overall in the timed finals.
The other NAPSAC record went to Under-9 Boys’ division champion Malachi Harris of Deacons who produced a Herculean throw of 56 metres flat, erasing his zone mark of 46.60 set last year and the 47.95 by Emmerson Hooper. He also set a record of 22.90 seconds in the 150 metres.
Arthur Smith Primary were a late addition to this year’s competition and their absence would have denied Rishaunna Padmore the victrix ludorum title.
Unbeaten for a full 30 points, she set records of 13.79, down from Cole’s 14.58 in the Under-11 Girls’ 100m and 29.15, down from 29.75in the 200m. She also won the 400m in 1:11.88.
Victor ludorum Jahlarni Toney of St Giles also had a full 30 points, winning the Under-11 Boys’ long jump with a leap of 4.08m, the 400m in a zone record 1:08.42, and the 800m in 2:34.86.
Mikail Carvalho of Grantley Prescod took the 100m in that division in a record 13.97 seconds and Hilda Skeene’s Terrico Azore-Bruce, son of national netballer Shonette Bruce, set a  record of 29.09 in the 200.
Samiya Dell, the daughter of former national heptathlete Nikkisha Maynard, sped into the books in a record 8.91 seconds in the Under-7 Girls’ 50m dash.
She leapt 1.41m to add five centimetres to the standing broad jump record and was third overall in the tennis ball throw (11.80m) which was won by Sharon’s Shelanie Augustine (16.38m).
Deacons’ Kaden Hoyte took the boys’ title and also had a record 1.47m in the jump.
Ondre Jarvis led Grantley Prescod in the Under-13 division where he won the long jump with 4.23m and set a record of 13 seconds flat in the 100m. Sharon’s Shaquan Sealy won the 200m in 27.69 and sped to a record 62.70 in the 400m.
Were it not for a fall in the Under-9 Girls’ 80m dash, Hilda Skeene’s Dania Haynes might have set three records. She had marks of 15.48 and 23.96 in the 100m and 150m, and it was teammate Samira Clarke who set the record of 12.67 seconds in the 80m.
Division Champions
Under-7 Girls: Samiya Dell
(Sharon) 26 points
Under-7 Boys: Kaden Hoyte
(Deacons) 17
Under-9 Girls: Samira Clarke
(Hilda Skeene) 24
Under-9 Boys: Malachi Harris (Deacons) 23
Under-11 Girls: Rishaunna Padmore (Arthur Smith) 30
Under-11 Boys: Jahlarni Toney
(St Giles) 30
Under-13 Girls: Shontae Cole (Grazettes) 22
Under-13 Boys: Ondre Jarvis (Grantley Prescod) 24
Victrix ludorum: Rishaunna Padmore
Victor ludorum: Jahlarni Toney
Final Points
Girls: 1. Hilda Skeene 159, 2. St Giles’ 157, 3. Roland Edwards 111.5, 4. Grazettes 111, 5. Sharon 109.5, 6. St George 86, 7. Grantley Prescod 83, 7. Arthur Smith 83, 9. Bay Primary 49.5, 10. Vauxhall 32, 11. Reynold Weekes 29, 12. Deacons 24, 13. St Winifred’s School 22.5, 14. Hindsbury 16, 15. St Mary’s 14, 16. St Gabriel’s 4.
Boys: 1. St Giles 213, 2. Grantley Prescod 134, 3. Sharon 123, 4. Hilda Skeene 106, 5. Arthur Smith 95, 5. Roland Edwards 95, 7. Deacons 79, 8. St George 69, 9. Reynold Weekes 49, 10. Bay Primary 40, 11. St Mary’s 36, 12. Grazettes 32, 13. Vauxhall 10, 14. St Winifred’s 7, 15. St Gabriel’s 4.