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Warring for God

Natanga Smith Hurdle

Warring for God

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Nayan Warrington is all about praising the name of the Lord from the highest mountain top.
With his new single Servant getting heavy rotation on Pulse Radio 365, the psychology with sociology major at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, is looking to not only balance his schoolwork with a musical career, but to also make sure not to limit himself.
Nayan’s desire is to reach international status, while not losing the messages.
“Most of my music still has that reggae feel to it. Sometimes I just want to be mellow and at other times I can be radical with the message. Based on the inspiration, there can be a switch,” he told the SUNDAY?SUN.
Nayan is looking to release two more singles and is working hard towards his debut album In Due Season “if everything goes as planned”.
“Still I say whenever God is ready, then that will happen. I also have some music videos which I am working on, which should be exciting. One of them being the released single Mr Warrington.”
The 24-year-old was born in Dominica to Reverend Martin and Rosemund Warrington. After moving to England at age ten for two years, the family returned to Dominica. His mum was then offered a job in Barbados and the family moved here in 2003.
Nayan attended Louis Lynch Secondary School and then Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic.
His musical career began at age 14, when he entered a singing competition in Dominica with a group and placed third. But that’s where it started and ended . . . until he came to Barbados and the passion was rebirthed.
“From Dominica I realized my talent for writing.  [In Barbados] I was first introduced to the chorale group Hosanna Ministries and then the band Ordained Synergy where I was one of the lead vocalists, and main writer. My parents
were always full of enthusiasm and behind me 100 per cent. They loved the fact that that was the path I chose as a young man and supported me in whatever way they could.”
Being in the music industry was never planned or at the forefront of his mind, he explained, but at some point he knew that this direction was inevitable. He credits St Matthew, Stitchie, Da Truth, Mr Lynx, Jay Square and Gitta
Dan with inspiring him.
“I have developed a great friendship with most of them.”
Nayan says the messages through his music are of love, power, peace and authority in Jesus.
“My music speaks of introspection; it carries a very powerful message of self-evaluation and questions we can all ask ourselves. My music speaks to me as well and of my experiences.
“I grew up as a pastor’s kid and strayed during my early teenage years. The depth of my experiences has put me in a position to be more passionate in what I do for this generation and the ones to come.”
Five nominations
He has been nominated for five Flame Awards, at monthend, including New Artiste Of The Year Songwriter Of The Year and Original Song Of The Year with the track People In The World.
“I am very proud of myself and so were those close to me when I mentioned it to them. I am also humbled that the music which is God-given can be recognized and appreciated by those who listen. I will be very grateful and thankful for whatever award I receive.”
He says his writing process is an amazing experience whether he writes for himself or other artistes.
“I just love when God pours into my spirit what He would have me teach and speak to His people.
My strategy is to keep Him in mind and focus on whom I want the song to reach.
“It gives a greater sense of motivation for the task at hand. My inspiration can occur at the oddest time and places.”
Nayan reflected on the concept behind People In The World.
“This song was so amazing in that it was not planned. One day I was in the studio with one of my producers David ‘Maestro’ Graham just vibing and I asked him to put on some autotune because I had never recorded with that effect before.
“He pulled up this reggae beat and I went into the booth. It was pure freestyle and I believe that the message in it came clear to me.
“We recorded, then sent that to my fellow artiste Michael ‘Bishop’ Holford who said he’d love to be a part of this song.
“We decided to do it. It relates to people across the globe who go through struggles and turn away from God. The lyrics simply ask God to watch over them no matter what situation they are faced with and plead with them to look to God where their help comes from. I am now in the process of doing a music video that will give a broader illustration of the concept.”
Nayan says one of the biggest challenges doing gospel music is living what he sings; he tries to live by the mantra “practise what you preach”.
He added that some people may feel that gospel singers are immune to struggles and testings, but they sometimes face it even harder.  
Nayan says he is happy for the privilege of collaborating with international gospel artists like St Matthew and David Irie out of Jamaica; performing at events such as SonFest and Gospelfest; and having a chance to be featured on songs with artistes such as Hoszia Hinds, Neil Crichlow and Life and Bishop, just to name a few.
What he is hoping for in 2012 is to connect with more people and reach them on a one on one level by ministering to them through his chosen career of being a messenger of God.