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ALTAR CALL: Share your love!

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ALTAR CALL: Share your love!

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GOD LOVES US A GREAT DEAL and we should find ways to share our love with others.
Little children joined in this declaration by Minister Judy Linton of Healing For The Soul Ministries last Saturday, as they met under a tent in the yard of Faith Wesleyan Holiness Church, Jackmans, St Michael.
The precious gems played games, sang and, at the end of the formal celebrations, were each gifted with bags, compliments of Linton, who also heads Project Change, a programme aimed primarily at partnering with the staff at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds to take the gospel to the institution and meet the practical needs of children whose parents or relatives are incarcerated.
In her short message, Barbadian-born Linton, who is based in New York, told both the children and adults that it was not only important to share God’s love in words, but to demonstrate this love through their actions.
“The Bible talks a lot about love and John 3:16 says: “For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”
Pointing to a variety of scriptures, Linton also drew attention to Psalm 136:1, which states that “God’s love endures forever”.
“You can use a measuring cup for measuring food so you’ll know the right amount of ingredients to use but you cannot use a measuring cup to measure God’s love. God’s love cannot be measured,” she said.
Citing Psalm 108:4, she said: “God’s love is higher than the heavens. God’s love never stops despite what we’ve done or what situation we’ve found ourselves in. It’s from everlasting to everlasting,” she emphasised.
She added: “God’s love is constant . . . . We limit ourselves in so many ways and people stop loving us . . . for so many reasons; and while your parents may not be around for you, God will always be near.”
Ryan Phillips, head of the Prison Ministry, encouraged those present to work with Project Change to transform lives so that the incarcerated could bring change to their families upon release.
The children, who receive clothing, food, gifts, items for school and special ministry of The Word at similar events throughout the year, have been “adopted” by Healing For The Soul Ministries.
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