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Minister’s nod

Justin Marville

Minister’s nod

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JALON SAMUEL got the Sandy Lane Gold Cup, redemption and his moment in time, all in one ride.
He can also add the minister’s acclaim.
Horse racing fans weren’t the only ones won over by Samuel’s Redemption Song, as Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley had nothing but praise for the teenager’s ability to bounce back from last year’s heartbreak with an unlikely victory atop long shot Dancin David.
“He’s really the star of the show,” said Lashley of Samuel just moments after the historic ride.
“I feel particularly proud because he’s a young guy and still very determined.
“It shows that through hard work and determination anything can happen, so what he’s doing now should be held up as an example for our young athletes and our youth in general,” said the minister.
“He just didn’t give up, and that should be such a huge inspiration for everyone.”
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