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Snakes all over

Yvette Best

Snakes all over

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SNAKES HAVE SLITHERED their way into everyday life in Greens, St George, sending residents running in panic.  
Residents of No.1 and No. 2 Greens said they had caught sight of what they believed to be grass snakes around their homes and in the bush over the years, but those sightings have multiplied significantly in recent months.
Farmer Anthony Parris destroys the reptiles on sight with his “sharp hoe”.
He recently chopped two to bits and found another one dead after spraying with insecticide.
“I don’t tek chances wid dem t’ings,” Parris said.
Even though Ramona Lashley had seen snakes before, she was not prepared for the one that was wriggling around in her house when she was cleaning on Saturday morning.
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