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LIME: Net problems caused by hacker

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

LIME: Net problems caused by hacker

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Attempts to hack LIME’s Internet system were to blame for the poor Internet service experienced by many of their customers over the past few days.
In a statement yesterday, the telecommunications company described the problem which led to several customers expressing frustration about the service as “a deliberate attack on the Internet infrastructure by an external source”, but assured that most customers are now back online and connecting at normal speeds.    
“The attack, though confined to a small portion of LIME’s Internet customer base, inconvenienced the affected customers and gave the appearance of a widescale service-impacting problem on the company’s network,” the statement added.
Alex McDonald, LIME’s managing director, said the problem was not widespread and that LIME’s servers had not been compromised.  
“Our firewalls are robust and are configured to international standards. In fact, to guard against these types of attacks, we have increased our defences, both locally and internationally.
“Over the weekend, our engineers implemented some changes in the broadband network to isolate the IP address of the possible offending external source which appears to be acting as the master or controller generating this heightened activity on our network. This modification ensured that the affected customers could regain access to the network. It is our intention, if the source is identified, to consider legal action for this type of Internet criminality,” said McDonald. (SP/PR)