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DE MARKET VENDOR: Guyana – an experience never to be forgotten

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Guyana – an  experience never to be forgotten

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Over de past few years Guyanese, and by extension Guyana, have been under pressure in Bubbadus and even though de construction industry ’bout hey woulda collapse widout dem and even though gardening and de household domestic industries woulda almost die ’bout hey, both de people and de country been getting a bum rap.
Sometimes we does forget dat some of de most brilliant people ’bout here come from dat South Amurcan country – and not just carpenters, gardeners and maids, but scientists, businessmen, management consultants, medical professors, medical specialists, broadcasters, journalists, entertainers, fashion designers, telecommunications executives and, yes, some very pretty women, too!
A so-called Guyanese bench at Grantley Adams Airport (real or imagined) was de talk of de town and stories ’bout Immigration raids pun homes in de middle of de night and people getting tek off buses and sent back to G.T. did all over de place!
Yet yuh couldn’t help but notice dat, whereas most of de rest of de world was in doo-doo, de reports dat keep coming out show that dis 83 000-square-mile country, give or take de 40 000 plus square miles dat Chavez want to put he dirty hands pun, was experiencing annual growth in duh economy while de rest of de Caribbean was sucking salt.
Yuh couldn’t help but notice dat de price of gold pun de world market did jump over $1 700 dollars per ounce and dat Guyana was producing nuff gold, plus assorted other minerals, timber and seafood, especially wuh de Guyanese does call strimps (shrimp!)  and stories ’bout free or cheap land, pennies fuh an acre pun lease fuh 99 years, abound and dat dem got soil dat rich beyond imagination and water, water everywhere!
Yuh did hearing, too, ’bout a bridge between Guyana and de South Amurcan giant Brazil and dat plenty investments coming from Brazil into G.T.
I used to hear, too, ’bout how massive dis country is, how diverse and how beautiful, ’bout de rivers and de waterfalls, ’bout islands de size of Bubbadus in de rivers, ’bout de mighty Essequibo, de Demerara and other large rivers, ’bout hunting in de interior, ’bout alligators, snakes, tigers and udder big cats, ’bout de world’s largest fresh water fish, ’bout eight or nine feet long, ’bout beaches wid white sand in de interior, ’bout white water rafting and resorts in de rivers and how dis country got mountains and vast savannahs in an area called de Rupununi and ’bout de different native people and de six languages (well, seven, counting Guyanese) dat dem does speak!
Fuh a long time all I did know ’bout Guyana was ’bout G.T., de Sea Wall, East Coast and de West Bank of de Demerara and, yes, de pretty girls!
A weekend spent on Baganara Island Resort in de Essequibo was an experience I will never forget; in a word, magnificent! I never see fruit dat size in muh life nor taste as sweet, strimps de size of Al Gilkes’ shoes, fish and curry crab to die for, friendly staff and de freedom of swimming in de fresh, pristine waters of de mighty Essequibo.
My visit to the amazing Kaieteur Waterfalls did feel like a spiritual experience, five times taller than Niagra, not a man-made rail in sight, and a gorge below that would give de Grand Canyon a run fuh duh money!
To think dat we does get pun a plane and fly five hours to Toronto, then drive another hour or two to see Niagra when an hour away we can be in the land of Kaieteur waterfalls.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now.
You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear!