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New Apple iPad launched

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

New Apple iPad launched

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(CNN) — Apple rolled out a high-definition iPad today with a display screen that promises to be dramatically sharper than the current model, the iPad 2.
“It is amazing,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a San Francisco unveiling. “We’ve taken it to a whole new level, and we are redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad.”
The new 9.7-inch display screen will feature a “retina display” of 2047 by 1536 pixels, compared with the current model’s 1024 by 768 pixels.
To break it down, that’s a total of 3.1 million pixels on the display screen.
“Your retina in your eye cannot discern those individual pixels,” said Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller. “The images on it look stunning.”
The new iPad will be available March 16 and cost the same as the iPad 2 — from $499 to $829 based on storage capacity and Wi-Fi capacity. Pre-orders were opened at Apple’s online store today.
The new version will be available in the United States on AT&T and Verizon and will be the first iPad to connect to 4G networks.