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BLP brings hope

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BLP brings hope

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BLP legacy: For the first time empowered consumers to deal with indifferent and unscrupulous vendors and suppliers through such revolutionary legislation as the Consumer Protection, Consumer Guarantees and the Utilities Regulation Acts; and the establishment of the Fair Trading Commission that ushered in a new era in regulating public utilities, protecting the interests of consumers and producers and preventing anti-competitive practices.
THE THOUSANDS OF Barbadians who thronged Haggatt Hall last Sunday night not only gave an unmistakable demonstration of strong support for the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) crusade of a Call For Justice for their family, friends, neighbours and fellow citizens suffering from the sleazy happenings with CLICO.
They also showed that they were prepared to publicly stand up against organizations, people and forces threatening the very core of our country’s continued moral and other existence, and to once more look to the BLP for realizable hope.
And the BLP admirably rose to the demands of a nation further gravely demoralized by a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) that through its putrid financial and other entanglements with CLICO, had once again proven incapable and unwilling to meet the legitimate expectations of a nation howling for the quality of political leadership to which its people had so long become accustomed and virtually taken as automatic.
On one side stands a DLP, driven dumb and more inactive by the shocking revelations of the near Siamese twins relationship between its late Prime Minister David Thompson and Leroy Parris who headed CLICO in Barbados when it collapsed to the financial detriment and distress of thousands upon thousands of policy holders and depositors.
Opposite is the BLP with a proven record of implementing creative solutions to problems to bring prosperity and progress. And the meeting underlined it. For along with speakers clearly showing how the DLP had an almost hands-off approach to the steadily worsening CLICO financial and emotional tsunami, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur was able to indicate a route of relief for victims.
This was through his imaginative proposal to use tax concessions to individuals and institutions to help pay them back.
That is why the mammoth gathering made up of all races and social and economic parts of Barbados, has concluded that a major and decisive positive shift had taken place when most needed and that through the BLP people can once again have hope.
Barbadians have resolved not to accept any more DLP broken promises to reduce the cost of living, eradicate corruption, reduce unemployment and improve the economy. Not to mention escalating poverty, spiraling unemployment especially among youths, a seeming permanent phase one with the Alexandra School multi-stage “solution”, and chronic lack of accountability and transparency.
But with the BLP comes realistic hope of returning to the good times it created. Rescue. Rebuild. Restore.
• Beresford Leon Padmore is a pseudonym for the Barbados Labour Party.