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Hinds sharing the Flame

Mike Cummins

Hinds sharing the Flame

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THE FLAME AWARDS have received a ringing endorsement from three-time Flame Awards Artiste Of The Year Hoszia Hinds.
 “Everywhere I go in the United States people are asking me, ‘How many awards have you won?’
So when I say I intend to win as many awards as possible, that is good for me because it is working and it looks good on my CV,” he told a Press conference recently while in the island briefly for the Transformation concert.
Hinds, who left the island in November for a sojourn in the United States, is now based in Texas at one of T.D. Jakes’ churches.
He keeps his growing fan base up to date with his performances on Facebook with video inserts.
 The Flame Awards Male Singer of 2011 said he was enjoying the ride so far.
He said two things were mentioned every time he sang in the United States: that he was from Barbados and that he was a multiple Flame Award winner. “The people in the United States ask that question because as a relatively unknown artiste, they want to know that you have won something because only good artistes win awards,” he added. “Flame gets big-up every time,” he added.
Hinds has performed at many places, mainly churches, concerts and conferences. His first stop was New Jersey, where he ministered at Agape Church.
Hinds said: “The ministry was so well received that the church offered me a return visit to do a live concert.”
He then went to Atlanta, Georgia, where he performed at the New Bethel Church of God at their Gospel Night Out in Stone Mountain. This was followed by performances at the Triumphant Community Church in Austel, Georgia.
From there he ended up at the South Cliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and continued on to Journey Christian Centre in Grand Prairie and to Mount Zion church in Brazoria, all in the North Texas area.
He also mentioned that when he was invited by Bobby Jones to perform at the New Artiste Show in 2008, that performance had also been beneficial to him. He said that people often came up to him and said, “Hey, you are the guy that was on the Bobby Jones Show”.
That show has been broadcast repeatedly since then and because of it Hinds has been forced to join ASCAP and “receives more royalties than he receives from COSCAP here in Barbados”. He also urged the other local artistes who were on the Bobby Jones Show to join as well because there were “royalty cheques awaiting them” since the show was seen in over 150 countries with a worldwide audience of about 50 million.
Hinds said he received some support from his local church and was indeed very happy to be back in Barbados, even if briefly, and he felt “a lot of love from the people” when he performed last Saturday.
The 28-year-old former gangster is presently back in the United States, where he is preparing for the 2012 Ignite event, a major T.D. Jakes production, which attracts as many as 20 000 people annually.