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Small dog with a big bark

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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HAS A CERTAIN family acquired a new dog? Or is it a case of a little canine charging to the front to show if, given more of the right food, he can grow in stature?
We keep being asked this question, given that, increasingly, there seems to be a new attack dog in a prominent family.
Though Chihuahua size, this dog is rapidly gaining currency as a more potent weapon than the family’s once-feared Pitbull.
Like most small dogs, this petite animal does not miss a chance to growl and bark at almost anything and anyone who comes near his family.
He snarls, baring his fine teeth, to let them know that he is ready to take on all comers.
This canine has been so effective of late that the other dogs belonging to the family which a few short years ago had a reputation for being effective deterrents to anyone who dared challenge the clan, are now being seen as having more bark than bite.
What is passing strange about this development is that this little dog with a raspy-sounding bark is in a family that also owns a few Alsatians, a couple of Rottweilers and Dobermans; though most, admittedly, are no more than “salmon-tot retrievers”. But, given the little dog’s volume and consistency, it’s as if these bigger ones have been muzzled.
It just goes to show that the size of the dog does not always determine how effective it can be.
Cat got his tongue?
A DISCARDED POLITICO found out that all Bajans don’t have short memories when he was made to eat his words recently.
Apparently, this man, who has been keeping a lot of noise in a usually quiet constituency, had said that if two big wigs ever became close again, he would no longer speak to the one he got on well with.
He supposedly said that among people some time ago. So now that it has become clear that the two antagonists are working closer together for their mutual political interests, if nothing more, the people quizzed him on where he stands.
The veteran of many a political battle, he used his wiles to get out of the confrontation by suddenly developing amnesia. But that did not save him. The group attacked him with the savagery of political opponents and had him stammering and ducking.
So if you see a certain politico who is usually loud acting like a church mouse these days, it’s because he got the stuffings knocked out of him.
Saving some for later
A GROUP OF PEOPLE who have largesse to dispense have been told to hold some money back so they can splash it around more to impress people when the time comes.
The directive has come from a little bigup who is adamant that the public must be made to feel good, particularly when a certain time comes.
From what Cou cou has been able to garner, this group’s finances will help those who hold the purse strings to make up for the expected shortfall.
Deserting their own?
WOULD YOU BELIEVE that more people attended the meeting of their opponents than their own gathering?
Well, from what Cou cou was told, the morning meeting was addressed by the big boy and some pretenders to the throne. But some of the prominent people either came, “peeped” and left, or did not turn up at all.
But the real clincher, sources said, is that some of the ones who were notably absent from their own meeting were spotted either sitting in cars or slowly passing through the venue more than once to get their fill on what was being said by their opponents.
True, true, true!