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DEAR CHRISTINE: Outside women hurt marriages

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Outside women hurt marriages

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Dear Christine,
Good day and God’s blessings upon your work. You are doing a good job.
I read your column all the time, and anytime I read an article relating to married men, it makes me wonder.
Men are like cow dung; dry on the top and wet at the bottom. I am a married woman.
Christine, these single women give the wives a hard time. When they accept money from these men they are robbing the children of these same men. Some demand money and extra time. I don’t mean to be rude but some of these women offer dirty sex to these men. If they know that the men like this, they use it to their advantage.
I always say, “You can do but don’t overdo; be discreet and show respect.” However, the men do not know how to be discreet. They are bare-faced and want to come home for the wife to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also want the place to be clean, and still want the sex at the end of the day. They are never satisfied.
Christine, women need to be decent and take pride in ourselves. Don’t these women know that the Bible says you must not covet what belongs to your neighbour?
Don’t they know that satisfaction always has a price tag? These outside relationships destroy marriages and the lives of children are messed up; so many of them go around hurt. Why would anyone want to build their joy on someone else’s sorrow and tears?
Men and women don’t get me wrong. Some marriages are doom for failure. But wait until they fail on their own. Don’t be the “laxative” for those gutless men!
Men feel women are fools they can use at every beck and call. When will women wake up and realize that we are hurting each other. This is not a woman’s war; this is men turning women against each other. We need to wake up and smell the smoke before the fire gets out of control.
When a woman’s fire is lit, it’s hard to get it out. “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”
Women, some of us need to stop being so needy.
We are smart and we don’t need to hurt each other to get by. God is there for us. He created us, not for us to be used by the devil, but for us to be used for God’s glory and honour.
This is what I say to the men: “When you are blessed with a fool, care that fool. Do not join with anyone to misuse that fool, because one day that fool will wake up as wise as an owl.”
 Men, when a woman “wises up,” there is no turning back.
Your letter gives much food for thought for both men and women. Let me caution you, however; not all women who give wives a hard time are single. Some of these women are also married, and in some cases, have children of their own.
Let me also state that not all men are like cow dung. I hope the one you’re married to does not fall into that said category.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.