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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: No light yet at de en’ o’ dis tunnel!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: No light yet at de en’ o’ dis tunnel!

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Dear Nesta,
How yuh goin’, muh girl? I trus’ yuh awright, healf-wise an’ praisin’ God evuh day fuh all de good t’ings yuh receivin’! I hey tired enuff from all de runnin’ up an’ down I been doin’ dese pas’ few weeks, all because o’ muh frien’ Philomena dat I tryin’ muh bes’ to help out!
But lemmuh start at de beginnin’! I sure yuh remember my tellin’ you some monfs ago, ’bout Philomena, how she come one day cryin’ dat it seem she gine lose all she hard-earn’ savin’s, ’cause word was goin’ ’roun’ dat dah insurance comp’ny, CLICO – aldoh I onderstan’ de name recently change – was facin’ some trouble, an’ t’ings din lookin’ too bright fuh all concern!
Well, she really shock me! Firs’, I din know she had sufficient money to lodge any place – she is one o’ dem whiners dat never got neffin, y’know – an’ secon’, when she tell muh de amounk, I near drop! I en know how she coulda been so foolish as to put all she eggs in one basket! Dah woulda never happen to me!  
In any case, I only got “rock stones”, an’ dem en worf neffin! I try not to laff ’cause she is muh frien’, but inside I was singin’ de Hallelujah Chorus when I remember hummuch agents try to show me de “light” ’bout investin’ in dah comp’ny mo’ dan once, an’ t’enkfully, evuh time I would jes’ politely say “No t’enk you”, not ’cause I din want to put in some money, min’ yuh, as it did seem I woulda reap a harves’, but mine woulda been only de “widders mite”!   
Anyway, de monfs went by, wid Philomena keepin’ a close eye ’pon de proceedin’s, an’ gettin’ mo’ an’ mo’ depress when she din hearin’ neffin positive, an’ I, like any good frien’, tryin’ muh bes’ to keep she spirits up. Dis certainly was’n’ de time fuh “I tole you so!”   
I would explain dat de matter only at “Stage one” an’ I sure it would clear up “wid great dispatch”, so she shun worry tummuch! When she stare t’rough muh as ef she realize I was tellin’ lies, I would jes’ tell she dat t’ings was “in train” an’ she should jes’ hol’ on li’l longer!
Ness, I was usin’ all dem pretty phrases, knowin’ full well it did only nuff words wid neffin behin’ dem, but I t’ought dis was de bes’ way to keep Philomena quiet an’ hopeful. I even t’ought I would try to get hol’ o’ de PM fuh some help – he en hard to fin’ dese days, y’know; he all ’bout de place – so when I hear ’e was at Ilaro Court hostin’ a party fuh returnin’ visitors, I hotfoot it up dey, but I c’n get in.  
I went down Sin James to try to get in at Limegrove, but still no luck. Den I run back up, two Sarrduhs ago, to de Garrison but agen somebody like me c’n get in dah Sandy Lane box!
I try de polo groun’s, an’ even mek de effort to run up Cave Hill when I hear he woulda been at de university, but I jes’ was outta luck evuh time.
Even finally goin’ back to a nex’ party at Ilaro Court din help! Dis time he was off de islan’, an’ I en familiar wid de new deputy! All dis runnin’ ’bout don’ suit me – it mus’ mek muh tired out!  
Sence de lates’ report come out, Philomena tekkin’ de news bad enuff! All she hopes gone! But I tell she to keep believin’ in God – ’E don’ sleep!
Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’, Babsie.