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Road safety concern

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Road safety concern

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The Barbados Road Safety Association is appealing to motorists to exercise due care and caution on the road.
President Sharmane Roland Bowen said road users need to take road travel more seriously.
“It is of serious concern to the association and should be to the country as a whole, when we’ve experienced six road fatalities so far for the year, all in separate incidents, three within three days, and where five of those persons are young males in the prime of their lives.
“It is also terribly sad to know that many accidents and fatalities could be prevented by motorists taking a little more care and managing the risks involved when using the roads…” she said, expressing sympathy to the relatives of the victims who lost their lives on the roads over the past two weeks.
She said: “Let us take this time to reflect on our personal driving habits…. We cannot stress enough the need to for us all to be responsible for our own safety and the safety of others and not become complacent, by letting our guard down as this is when tragedy will strike.”
The president also noted that distracted or inattentive driving whether caused by using cell phones or any other activity could pose serious harm. “…Pull of over somewhere safe if there an urgent call to be made and stay focus on the road at all times,” she said.
She also cautioned: “Speeding affects the severity of an accident, the faster you drive the harder you will hit. Always drive within the speed limit and for the conditions. Falling asleep at the wheel kills. Don’t drive when tired or fatigue. Wear your seatbelt, it can help save your lives by keeping you in the vehicle in a collision. Wearing helmets that are safe can reduce the impact to your head in a crash and may save your life.” (PR)