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DLP COLUMN: DLP . . . better for Barbados

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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Never a dull moment in the life and times of Owen Arthur’s Barbados Labour Party (BLP).
He took the Estimates and turned it into a political vendetta by positing that Mia was best able to respond. Arthur has already worked out in this climate of global uncertainty, the task of responding is ever harder as policy makers seek to negotiate the limited alternatives.
He knows full well coming after Mia; he has the capacity to fill all the breaches left wide open for him to shine as the self-anointed economic guru.  
Of course, Mia too, has a point to prove by accepting the offer. The relegated Member of Parliament continues to offer a face of the cooperative politician. This recent act demonstrates that Arthur will continue to position his members, as long as it fits his personal agenda. He is quietly admitting to Limited alternatives in the face of the global meltdown.
The reports coming out of the Estimates reflect a government on the job and steering. The drop in unemployment in the last quarter of 2011 to 10.2 per cent, the shrinking deficit, maintenance of public sector jobs while strengthening our social safety net continues to puzzle the Opposition.
At this stage, in response to the crises, Arthur’s opposition was hoping for an implosion of the economy, as witnessed elsewhere. We on this side continue to be baffled by persons who only rejoice at bad news.
The reports on the Barbados economy point to a road map for reducing the fiscal deficit and economic stability. Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler indicated Barbados’ economy saw an increase in construction activity.
The State continues to press ahead with its capital projects with the recent launch of the Barbados Water Authority’s new Pine headquarters’ building, the Caribbean Examination Council headquarters.  
In the area of manufacturing, we have experienced an increase of 4.8 per cent over the last period while granting of licences to over 500 new companies. In the area of Tourism, the Finance Minister reported favourably on the new Four Seasons Project along with the new marina in the North enhancing this country’s competitiveness in the sector. Our tourist figures continue to show increased long stay arrivals by some 6.7 per cent.  
The data doesn’t cheat or tell lies. The information is provided by independent professional civil servants who did the same job under the Arthur regime.
This year’s Estimates gave further credence to our mantra of accountability and transparency. We have managed to maintain economic stability in very tough times. Over the last four years, the world has witnessed, a dismantling of the global financial architecture to the detriment of families, nations and governments.  
Countries all over have been asked to redesign their financial edifice. This new DLP continues to pilot our people through what some continue to regard as the worst financial storm.
Our focus has been and continues to be the creation of a society and not just an economy.
Voters, be warned!!!