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Motorists urged to be more careful

Ryan Gilkes and Carlos Atwell

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The General Insurance Association of Barbados (GIAB) and the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) have pleaded with motorists to exercise extreme caution while using the road.
This is on the heels of yesterday’s mass casualty and the island’s sixth road fatality on Tuesday.
Yesterday, GIAB expressed its sympathy to the families who would have lost loved ones as a result of the road accidents, saying it was alarmed at the frequency of serious accidents occurring on our roads and at the number of fatalities thus far for the year.
“The GIAB has attributed these events to various reasons; drivers driving at excessive speed, reckless driving, inattentiveness, the use of cellphones whilst driving, illegal racing, drunk driving, driver fatigue, among other vices,” it said in a statement.
They [the GAIB] also cautioned drivers to be more responsible and appreciate that the vehicles they drive, once mishandled, could be considered “a dangerous weapon”.
Meanwhile, the BRSA in a statement hours before the smash-up in St George urged all road users “to take road travel more serious and see it as a dangerous activity which it is”.
“It is of serious concern to the association and should be to the country as a whole, when we’ve experienced six road fatalities so far for the year, all in separate incidents, three within three days, and where five of those persons are young males in the prime of their lives,” said president, Sharmaine Roland-Bowen.