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Don’t let him go!

Anesta Henry

Don’t let him go!

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“I LOST?ONE GRANDSON through a tragedy already. Please don’t let the only other one go.”
This was the prayer of 70-year-old Sheila Codrington of Westbury Road, St Michael, the grandmother of Troy Codrington, who was the most critical of the 37 injured when a minibus overturned along Pinders Bottom Main Road in St George on Thursday.
Troy’s brother Donavere Codrington, Donavere’s wife Cassandra and three children died in the August 27, 2007 cave-in at Arch Cot, Brittons X Road, St Michael.
“Lord, he is the only grown male Codrington left in the family . . . . I am just praying that I don’t lose another grandson,” Sheila repeated.
The matriarch, Troy’s wife Chrisanne Codrington and other family members and friends gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where Troy is warded. The 37-year-old is in stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery Thursday night as a result of serious internal injuries.
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