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Local talent in Holders light

Yvette Best

Local talent in Holders light

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The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), is a vital source of talent for the Virgin Atlantic Holders Season.
Speaking at a Press conference for the 19th edition of the show yesterday, consultant Aja said producer Wendy Kidd always goes to the NIFCA Gala to look for talent.
He noted that local artistes have emerged as more than side acts over the years, and that in addition to the established acts, they feature the up and coming artistes with the potential to go on.
St James Secondary School student Jane Small, who won a NIFCA Silver last year, is on the cards along with Cherise Roberts, Okam Ensemble, Romaro Greaves, Damian Leacock and Lowrey Worrell.
The season kicks off tomorrow with African Music Night, featuring Kanda Bongo Man of the kwasa kwasa dance fame and runs through March 31.
A highlight of the week is a comeback performance by Canadian pop artist Kaya, who will be making his first stage performance after a 17-year break here in Barbados.
Other activities for the season will be the Cole Porter Story; Comedy Night with Kit Hesketh-Harvey and James McConnel; Holders Music Hall with Claire Martin as headliner; King of Swing with Julian Bliss and Benny Godman; French Soiree with Eve Loiseau and the Ronald Tulle Concept; Joan Rodgers, Jullian Bliss and Robert Bottriell at Classical Night and concludes with Ennio Marchetto at the Gala Night.
Executive director Stewart Collins said the final night was “unmissable”.
Collins said audiences have come to expect quality, and this year will be no different. When asked how they were able to maintain that quality in these tough times, Collins said it was because of the Barbados brand.
“It is a fantastic part of my year to come here to work in this beautiful place, but it’s also my job to invite the international artistes. To give them that opportunity to come here is actually very exciting.
“They love it, I control the very cream of the artistes I know of and have worked with around the world . . . . That’s why the quality is maintained, because it’s a great invitation and you can ask the best to come here because they really value the opportunity, and jump at it,” Collins stated.