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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart?Freundel Stuart has urged party supporters to prepare for a hard-fought battle when the general election bell is rung, saying that no quarter will be asked and “none will be given”.
At a joint meeting of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP)?branches of St Michael, at Springer Memorial School last night, Stuart said his Government would go back to the people when the time was right and would do so with an inventory of his Government’s achievements.
Before an audience that included Members of Parliament Richard Sealy, Kenneth Best, Steve Blackett and Patrick Todd, Stuart added that his Government had nothing to be ashamed of and had done a good job of holding “Barbados together in the worst crisis the world has seen in 100 years”.
“As I speak to you, the United States, the richest and most powerful country in the world still, the largest economy in the world still, has over 40 million people on food stamps, has over 15 million people unemployed.”
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