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‘Pot’ fishing – Nya’s bread and butter

Marlon Madden

‘Pot’ fishing – Nya’s bread and butter

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The fishing industry forms a great portion of the agriculture sector.
In fact, in 2008, it was reported that the fishing industry alone contributed just over $22 million to Barbados’ gross domestic product.
Nya Rock is one fisherman in the sector who has been practising the trade for the past eight years.
He uses one of the most popular methods of fishing: pot fishing.
But like his counterparts on land, Rock also has to deal with the issue of theft. He said there were some fishermen who use other forms of fishing who would create a headache for him.
“There are divers who go and shoot the fish out the pot; they open the gate and shoot out the? fish,” he told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.
The reserved entrepreneur said not only did he make pots for himself, but he would also make them to sell. He said he was able to make three fish pots in one day or up to 30 of them in one month. He mainly fishes on the South Coast.
“Business going good so far, man. I normally go out on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday to fish. I does build for people when some of them order but mostly, I set pot for myself to catch fish and sell,” he said.
“Right now I have about seven of them out there to sell. People order them, so when they order, I would make them. Normally one can last up to six months to a year in the water before we would take them back out and change the sticks,” he said, saying that they were not expensive to make as he would source the mesh in bulk.
“Everybody doesn’t make them the same way. But you have some older guys who make them and I feel I can make it better than them,” he added.
The fish pots are made using pieces of wood and mesh wire that are carefully designed in various shapes and sizes. Rock said he would mark his pots by weaving brightly coloured pieces of wire through them.
Stating that he was able to make an adequate living by fishing and selling fish pots, the Dunlow Lane, Bay Street, St Michael resident said the recession had not really affected his business.
Rock said some months he would make a catch of about 35 pounds of a variety of fish and sell most of it at the Bay Street esplanade.

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