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TALK BACK: Congrats to our Madame President!

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Congrats to our Madame President!

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Kudos to Kerryann Ifill who made history in Barbados this week, being the first woman to be named President of the Senate.
This appointment, announced by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during last week’s Estimates Debate in Parliament, had online readers buzzing with excitement, and many posted their congratulatory messages on our website, as well as on THE NATION’S Facebook page.
Ifill, 38, takes over from Sir Branford Taitt, who stepped down because of illness.
Owen S. Arthur, MP: “Congratulations to Madame President on her appointment.”
Ann Lewis: “Congrats. Best wishes to you. Well deserved.”
Mel Mapp: “Congratulations, Senator, and best wishes on your historic appointment.”
En Dee: “Sincere congratulations to Madame President. I have heard so many very positive comments about Madame President. I am very impressed with her dedication to her duties . . . .”  
Doreen Stoute: “This is wonderful. Congratulations to her. I remember how marginalized the disabled used to be in Barbados. I’m glad to see this progress.”
Jan Skinner: “Way to go, Miss Ifill. You are giving those in the disabled community hope.”
This week, many readers also expressed concern about the number of accidents on our roads. This was heightened after Thursday’s mass casualty in St George where 37 people were injured after a minibus overturned.
Katrice H. Houghton-Marshall: “Motor . . . vehicular accidents are largely preventable. We need to be careful on the roads . . . .”
Andre Petite: “[There] is too much traffic on the island’s roads and yet nobody is taking note of this situation. And there are too many people on the road who disrespect other road users . . . .”
St Clair A. Williams: “The Barbados Road Safety Association is appealing to motorists to exercise due care and caution on the road. President Sharmane Roland Bowen says road users need to take road travel more seriously . . . .”
Saturday’s announcement of REDjet’s suspension of service until further notice also struck a note with readers.
Eric Jones: “This didn’t come as a surprise.”
Shawn Odle Birkett: “What a shame!”
Rawle Spooner: “. . . I do not know the answer, but REDjet was providing a service for folks who could not afford that same service with the other two airline monopolies.”
Tennyson Joseph: “Low-cost travel in the Caribbean is just a dream.”
Nikki Brown: “It was obvious that this would happen.”