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Worry over accidents

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Worry over accidents

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A collision involving a route taxi and a car Saturday evening left 12 people shaken up after the car landed on its roof and the van on its side.
This accident which comes on the heels of Thursday’s minibus crash in Pinder’s Bottom, St George, where 37 people were injured, has evoked new concerns from police about the number of road accidents recently.
Several of our online readers weighed in on the issue of road accidents, calling for greater road regulations and safety measures to be put in place.
Here are some of their views:
Jimmy Alexander: 1) The laws aren’t up to date and; 2) People don’t want to enforce those on the books. But my main reason for getting annoyed is the drivers of transport vehicles, whether they be in the private or public sector, are tasked with the responsibility of the lives of every person who rides those vehicles. It’s not their private car, as some seem to believe, and they should be held to higher safety standard than the average road-user and right now they are well below even basic road-user safety standards.
Kathie Daniel: What will it take before we a) enforce the existing laws and b) bring said laws into the 21st Century? Will it take the loss of one life? Six? Ten? The relative of a Government minister?
Linda Bajanique Mahon: Innocent lives are being lost . . . Laws need to be enforced and they can start with the speed limit!
Read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION.

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