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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Here’s to madame president!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Here’s to madame president!

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Dear Nesta,
Girl, I jus’ had to put pen to paper to gi’e yuh dis piece o’ news! Aldoh yuh t’ousan’s o’ miles away, I well aware dat you always like to know wuh goin’ on ‘pon dis islan’, aldoh sometimes yuh seem to know wuh happenin’ befo’ me, dat right hey ’pon de spot!
Las’ week, we had de Estimates Debate wid all de nusual finger pointin’ from bofe sides, ’bout who got we in dis present position, an’ who know jes’ how to pull we out de fire – or, push we in furthuh(?)  It may be true dat oil prices an’ de global recession playin’ a part in dis misery mos’ o’ we goin’ t’rough, but yuh mean dey en no way a-tall fuh me to get li’l ease in muh pocket?
Anyway, as mos’ o’ dese MPs is all frien’s at de en’ o’ de day, I en gine allow my pressure to go up over all de back-an’-forf in dis “Estimates game”.  
I may as well grin an’ bear it, ’cause in any case, dey en one bless-ed t’ing I could do to mek t’ings diff’rent!
De news I got fuh yuh is ’bout de young woman, Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill, dat jes’ get appoint as President o’ de Senate! Yuh don’ t’ink dah’s great?  Befo’ I go any furthuh, I wanta add my congratulations to all de many ethuhs I sure she been receivin’ sence de news hit de headlines! Dah announcement in Parliament was a masterstroke by de PM!   
Lord knows we been longin’ to hear some fuh ages, an’ now, who knows?  De dawn o’ a bright, new day might be ‘pon de horizon fuh Bajans!  He might even soon put we in de know ’bout CLICO!
As you know, Kerryann unable to see, but dat en keepin’ she back one bit! She is one bright, intelligent woman mekkin’ she mark in life!    
She create hist’ry when she was de firs’ blind graduate at de UWI, an’ now she gone to furthuh heights by becomin’ de firs’ female President o’ de Buhbayduss Senate. She start out as Deputy President, an’ fuh some while now, been actin’ as President – an’ doin’ a good job too!  
It mek muh heart glad when I see she ’pon TV during dah recent Royal visit, welcomin’ de Duke an’ Duchess, speakin’ in a mos’ clear an’ confident manner! In fack, as far as I concern, she could put nuff people to shame – I know somebody dat got summuch “ers” an’ “ahms” durin’ any speech, dat it gi’e yuh earache to lissen!
Dis young lady is a good example fuh diff’rently-able people, young or ole, to realize dat life en got to come to a standstill ’cause yuh cyahn see, or hear, or yuh lose a limb, or even ef yuh in a wheelchair.  
Once ’pon a time, when a househol’ member din “measure up” to society standards, de fambly would try duh bes’ to keep dem mos’ly in de backgroun’, but t’enkfully, dah don’ happen now.  
I remember readin’ ’bout dah famous musician, aldoh he was stone deaf, was able to write de mos’ beautiful music widout hearin’ a single note! He long gone, but ’e music livin’ on fuhevuh!
So, we got anethuh “firs’” fuh we hist’ry books an’ I don’ t’ink it gine be de las’!  I look forward to hearin’ good t’ings ’bout we new “Madam President”, as she go on from strengf to strengf!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie