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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t stand flirting from married woman

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t stand flirting from married woman

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Dear Christine,
There is something bothering me terribly and I want to share it with you, as I cannot bring myself to share it with any of my friends.
I am a young executive who spends a lot of time travelling as part of my job. From time to time I have to attend seminars and conferences overseas.
I have a co-worker who, because of her managerial position, also travels with me on various occasions. Christine, this woman spares no time or effort in seeking out men at these conferences when we travel.
She almost literally throws herself at them, and she is not at all bashful about courting these men. What I want to say is this – she is married – not happily so, but married nevertheless. I’ve heard it said over and over again that women can play the same games as men do. Well, she has proven this to be true.
There is also a particular guy whom she sees when we travel.
Christine, I know that my co-worker’s husband has cheated on her many times, but I am not sure that she has to do what she is doing.
I have asked her on more than one occasion to stop this foolishness, as she could land herself in trouble, but she has refused to stop.
Should I speak to the top boss and ask him not to send her on overseas conferences anymore? I think I’ll be doing so for her own good.
– Caring
Dear Caring,
This is a matter which you should leave outside of the office. This woman is an adult, and unless her way of life is affecting her work, what she chooses to do away from the office is her business.
This advice may not seem right, but you must exercise wisdom in all things.
You have spoken to her, and yet she refused to listen to you. If she has to fall on her face sometime in the future in order to recognize the errors of her way, let it be done without your input.
Still, as a friend and colleague, you should continue to speak to her about her lifestyle, which could be the result of some deep-seated problem she could be facing in her personal life.