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Local film producers upset over piracy

Ricky Jordan

Local film producers upset over piracy

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Two film-makers are up in arms over the piracy of their movie Hush 3, which was released on DVD last week.
Dale and Marcia Weekes told the DAILY NATION yesterday that after releasing the DVD last Friday, it was being sold without their permission on Swan Street last weekend.
“We’re happy we have something of value which people want but we’re appealing to the public, who have been our main source of financial support, to buy the original copies. We’re also calling on the police to be vigilant and bring the full weight of the law on these offenders,” the husband and wife producers pleaded.
Marcia Weekes also revealed that an associate saw the DVD being shown and advertised in a video store and immediately told the operatives they had no authority to sell it. “They took it off the shelf soon afterwards,” she added.
The Weekeses, who produced Hush 1, 2 and 3 between 2007 and last year, also noted that outside of public support, they get assistance from the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) in transferring the film to large screen format, and benefit from equipment provided by Merville Lynch Productions.
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