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Govt can do better

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Govt can do better

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Opposition Senator Santia Bradshaw believes Government members should peel themselves away from the skin of their political party, and realize they could have done a better job handling this country’s affairs since taking over in 2008.
Speaking in the Upper House today, the first-time senator also accused Senator Maxine McClean, Leader of Government Business in the Senate, of becoming rattled whenever Opposition senators brought up the lack of audited reports from a number of Government agencies since the Democratic Labour Party (DLP)?came to office.
Bradshaw added that Government should realize that what the young people of Barbados considered important varied significantly from decades ago.
“We are grappling with a society that has moved away from all the biblical values we hold dear,” she claimed. “What we have to do now is assure that a quality of life is produced for Barbadians to make this a better society.”
According to Bradshaw, in spite of the insistence of DLP members that they considered Barbados a society and not an economy, their record would speak for itself and the Barbadian electorate would eventually deliver their verdict on Government’s tenure.
“The people of Barbados are intelligent people. They will make their decision in time, fully mindful that this Government did have to deal with, first, the death of its leader (the late Prime Minister David Thompson) and the recession.”
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