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DEAR CHRISTINE: 50 years old and searching for good lover

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: 50 years old and searching for good lover

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Dear Christine,
I am a regular reader of your column in which you give people some sound advice and help them with their problems.
I never thought the day would come that I would have to bring you mine, but as the saying goes, “you should never cross the bridge before you reach it.”
Now here I am stuck in the middle of the biggest bridge or in fact, the longest bridge that life can ever give me.
I am a man of 50 years. In my life I fell in love with two women.
The first one and I lived together for ten years but she would not accept marriage.
She just used to say that she liked it that way. We had a house of our own and we enjoyed life for all of those years.
One day I came home from work to find she was gone without saying a word.
When I did find out the cause for her leaving, she said I was not sexy enough for her.
Christine, I begged that girl to come back the way a man would beg a hangman to save his life, but to no avail.
It was then that I turned to the rum bottle for help but it was all in vain.
It took me six months before I could pull myself out of the gutter. The rum had me almost dead.
I would like to tell any young man that rum does not cure love-sickness; it makes it worse.
Anyhow, I started to feel like myself again; so I just spent some time running around until I met a poor girl.
I told her that if she would pull herself together I’d be able to help her.
Christine she agreed and believe me, I gave her from “Jack boot” to “gold chain.”
She bore two sons for me. One is six and the other is three.
I cannot put the details in my letter, but she started flying too. And mind you, she was flying her kite so high that she was bringing her men in my house when I went to work.
Well, the first girl got to know about this and after many years apart she is now begging to come back.
Christine, before I go back with her I would rather die young and be a good looking duppy.
Christine, dark the night of sin has settled and loud the angry billows are roaring and I am out on this storm-tossed bridge, standing with eager eyes, weeping for someone to take me to life’s peaceful shore. That is why I turned to you for help.
I do believe that there is some female in this country who is going through the same fate as I am who and would like to be free from the burden that she is carrying.
I hope that you will print my letter and pass on any information to those who are interested.
Do your best and may your lower lights be burning and send its gleam across the waves, because this poor, fainting struggling seaman you may rescue, you may save from the billows of life’s ugly waves.
Christine, I have a home. It is not beautiful, but with love in our hearts we both can make it a Garden of Eden.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
– ?
Dear ?
 I’m sorry to hear about the heart ache and pain you’ve been through, but you appear to be like a fortified city – a man with great strength and character.
You’ve battled the bottle and won, and I am sure there are some great days ahead of you, because you have not lost faith in the goodness of love.
I wish you every success in your search.