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Cub Scouts celebrate

Ricardo Leacock

Cub Scouts celebrate

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In celebration of the 100th anniversary of scouting in Barbados, the 87th Unit of Cub Scouts, located at the Gordon Greenidge Primary School in Rock Dundo, St Peter, climaxed a month of activities with its First Scout Day.
The more than 40 Cub Scouts marched from Sion Hill, St James, to their school yesterday morning – to the delight of parents, relatives and motorist who slowed down to watch the procession.
Along the route, principal Angela Smith took the salute. She was flanked by the two political candidates for St James North – Senator Harry Husbands and Edmund Hinkson.
Smith said: “The First Scout Day is to encourage the boys who are in the Cub pack to continue in the pack and to encourage more of the boys to join this group who have been in existence for over 15 years and to encourage them to pursue excellence.”
The Cubs were assigned different duties at the school, including ringing the bell at various times, assisting in the kitchen with the serving of meals and preparing an outdoor campsite.