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DEAR CHRISTINE: Heartfelt thanks for all your help

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Heartfelt thanks for all your help

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Dear Christine,
On behalf of my family, I would like to give thanks to God who is the head of our lives and to the young lady at THE NATION who has been meeting with us on a regular basis and helping us.
I also want to thank the two women who gave my mum a job so that she could once again be the independent woman she once was.
I pray God’s blessings on the people who gave us food and offered financial assistance.
My prayer is that God would give these people showers of blessings in their lives and businesses, and that their families would also be blessed.
To the Government of Barbados: We heard nothing from you in our times of need. This showed a lack of care and concern, but God bless you. My family will stand again.
To the poor people of Barbados: When I step foot in Parliament as a minister or when I become the Prime Minister, there will be change.
Thank you all.
We love you all and my family and I will keep on praying for you.
Once again, I wish you all God’s blessings.
– 12-year-old
Dear Readers,
This response, and the “thank you” letter above, are follow-ups to that written by the 12-year-old boy who shared his family’s plight with the entire nation in this column which appeared on March 12.
Barbadians of all walks of life – both here and overseas responded with the desire to help feed and otherwise provide for this family of three.
As a result of this 12-year-old boy’s letter, other families who had not enjoyed a good meal in months were also able to eat during the past weeks.
Some were fortunate to receive financial assistance, and others were placed in jobs. The pleas for help are continuing.
Many of you kind readers showed your leadership skills (by taking the bull by the horns so to speak) – and started food collection drives at your places of employment.
While many have given assistance, there are some of you who have promised to help, but have not yet made your contribution.
You can do so by calling THE NATION’S  office at 430-5400, at the earliest opportunity – to make any necessary arrangements.
Again, I join with this 12-year-old and his family in sayinf a big thank you to corporate Barbados and individuals (particularly senior citizens who gave out of the little they had).
There are still countless families out there who still need your support. I am therefore hoping that regular or monthly supplies of food and other contributions would continue.