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Cops tell car washers to clear out

Ryan Gilkes

Cops tell car washers to clear out

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Car washers at the West Coast Mall in St James today ponder what they will do next after police yesterday told them they could no longer operate at that location.
Patrick Phillips, one of the washers, said the police showed up around 9:45 a.m., took their names and addresses, and told them that the washing had to end immediately.
According to Philips, officers then threw away their water, confiscated their buckets and told them to leave the premises, or be charged for loitering.
When a WEEKEND NATION team visited the mall, about eight young men were washing and polishing cars, on the street behind the mall.
One of them, identified only as Ferdinand, said washing cars was his only livelihood.
Read the full story in today’s WEEKEND NATION.

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