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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Let’s drive to save lives

Reverend Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Let’s drive to save lives

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As we prepare to say goodbye to the month of March in a day’s time. We can refer to it as one of tragedy.
There were three fatal accidents on our roads and three murders (last weekend) which were too many. One van travelling to Bayfield with 37 passengers and another ZR van overturned in Vauxhall, Christ Church all the passengers on board were injured. What a week??Those accidents followed three deaths on three consecutive days during the week, and that was not good enough.
I would like to offer my sympathy to the relatives of those persons who died, as well as those who were murdered last weekend. I take this opportunity to appeal to the public to let us do something about the speeding on our roads.
This incessant speeding by the public service vehicle operators, truck drivers, bus drivers and of course the private car drivers who run stop lights and break other traffic laws, should realize by now that once they start out late for work, school, play or whatever they would still be late.
Then, of course the widespread habits of driving and talking to cellphones and texting while driving. It is commonsense that if one’s mind is engaged in such activities, it is impossible to focus adequately on the roads and driving.
We must drive with due care for others using the roads, because the life you save might be your own.
Let’s us end this madness on our roads!