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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Not smart move by Govt agency

marciadottin, [email protected]

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IN THESE HARSH economic times, saving money has become a priority for most people and companies. After all, no one knows how long these troubling times will persist, so they have to ensure they do not deplete what cash reserves they still have.
However, Cou Cou has learnt that a certain Government agency seems not to fully appreciate the perilous state of the country’s finances, or its leaders just don’t care about the amount of taxpayers’ money they burn.
We understand that this agency has decided to move from its rural offices to a suburban complex where it will have to pay more than twice the amount of rent it formerly did – and with a 25-year lease to boot!
We are still unclear about who gave the order for this to happen but, clearly, it had to come from on high. But, as one source said, you have to help those who can help you.
All we can say on this development is: shame, shame, shame!  
Promises, promises
NOT MANY PEOPLE are talking about it, but it seems some important paper that is floating around is being treated as not worthy of what it promises.
Cou Cou understands that this paper is increasingly being viewed with apprehension because those who are pushing it are themselves having a challenge convincing those who matter that they know what they’re doing.
Those close to this situation say that this is more than a case of the driver not being able to drive properly. Rather, it’s one where the people who matter seem to think the driver does not even have a valid licence to drive.
Axed for a job well done
AN INDIVIDUAL who tried to apply belts, braces and bolts to a transaction to properly secure it is now rubbing his butt from the pain of the kick he got for being so professional.
Word is that this person was using his expertise in such matters to ensure the viability of the transaction, so that what is planned would not come back to haunt those who made the decision.
But the person forgot that most politicians like yes men; they believe people should sing in their choir and from the same hymn sheet at all times, even if they themselves can’t even hum a tune to save their lives.
That’s why this individual got the boot, but less strident ones who worked with the person were allowed to survive.
Caught with pants down
A PROFESSIONAL WOMAN experienced the cold, hard facts of life recently in the worst possible way – she caught her partner in the act with a female.
As if standing naked in a wintery breeze, this successful, attractive female simply froze at the sight.
When she finally retaliated, the scene was not pretty at all, from what Cou Cou was told.
The woman has since moved out of the marital home, taking her young children with her. But as she earns more than her hubby, his lesson in infidelity could cost him dearly unless there is reconciliation.