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MAVIS BECKLES: Tiefing now an occupation

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MAVIS BECKLES: Tiefing now  an occupation

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IT IS SAD TUH SAY, but I gine have tuh say it. Not a day doan go by wid-out you looking in the newspapers in the court cases and reading ’bout one, two or three young men before the law courts fuh burglarizing somebody or the other house.
Look, it is a sad thing when ya really think ’bout it, and sometimes it doan only even be one body house dat duh brek in, ya know. It does be several houses dat these men does be going into like dem live there, walking ’bout all through the people place, ransacking it as duh like, and then carrying way wha’evah duh like, like um belong tuh dem.
Sometimes when I read some o’ the cases, all I does do is just shake my head and holler, “well, well, well”. Lord, let ya kingdom come tuh this nation because I gine tell ya, these burglars, as duh does call dem, does be young, strong, able-bodied men who could get out there like anybody else and do some kinda honest work in order tuh buy the things dat dem two big eyes does see all the other young boys in.
It doan look like these young thieves have any intention whatsoevah of driving a stroke fuh a boy in this life or the next tuh come. Some o’ duh like duh does just rob fuh robbing sake, fuh bare wuflessness. In one o’ dem cases I was reading last week, when the man was in court duh say he was a professional burglar.
Well, I tell ya! You know what it is like tuh be getting up every day come rain or shine, wukking like a old dog tuh pay the lotta bills dat bussing ya chops evah single month and just bringing home enough tuh buy the bare necessities in the supermarket?
Lemmuh tell ya, things does be suh flipping tight some months dat if you think ya could buy toiletries like sweet soap, deodorant, baby powder and a li’l bottle o’ cream or body oil tuh mek ya’self smell pleasant when ya going tuh church or the very work all in one month, ya lie.
Look, if you buy deodorant, sweet soap and cream this month, make sure dat it stretch and last ’cause you would know dat ya cahn buy dem same toiletries again next month.
Ya have tuh remember dat you still have tuh buy toothpaste, hair grease, baby powderand dem li’l things dat cost a pretty penny.
And all this time while you scrimping and scraping, racking you brain box tuh make ends meet, somebody out there scoping out you place and working out how tuh get in at you.
The other day I was reading one o’ dem cases wid a young burglar who was charged wid a lot o’ burglaries in a particular area, and hear wha he tell the court. He said dat he does scope out the area fuh a while, then sometimes he does go and pull the door, and if it open, he would go in.
Then he said dat sometimes he does see a window open and he does push out the fly screen and go in and tek up wha’ he like. You could imagine dat?
 Wha’ these people got gall in trute, though. Duh brazen, boldfaced and daring. Duh ain’t even waiting fuh night tuh fall now; duh brekking in the people houses in broad daylight.
If you think I telling lies, leh me give you a classic.
The other day, a relative o’ mine went home fuh lunch and find his door open and the house ransacked. Well, ya know the young people, especially the fellas, dem like duh gadgets and toys like Nintendo and dem kinda things so. He had the latest and the people went in in the middle o’ the day and carry way evahthing, he very bicycle and all.
Well, one day he say dat he was coming home from work and spot a young fella pon he bicycle and follow he, only tuh find out that it was really his, so he call the police. When the police come now and ask the boy where he get it from, the boy allow the police tuh know dat he buy it from a man fuh ten dollars. You could imagine dah?
As I tell ya’all, I does read the court page evah single day and I doan see nuh cases where the people who does buy and sell these stolen items does be charged.
I think it is high time dat these people who does make a business outta buying stolen items be charged. You doan think dem know dat the people who selling dem the people computers and gold and God knows whatevah else, like dem, doan wuk nuh way?
It is the same thing like the drug mule and the drug lord.
If the police could catch the drug lord, duh won’t have nuh drug mule. In the same way dat if ya catch the body dat buying the stolen items, the thieves would be out o’ business and the police would have less stress.
 Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.