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PUDDING & SOUSE: Greedy siblings’ shameful act

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Greedy siblings’ shameful act

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A ONCE-PROMINENT man may be turning in his grave, having died without getting back from his greedy relatives what was rightfully his. He made sure that all of his relatives, and they were many, were well taken care of, as he provided each with land and a house.
Not satisfied, these greedy relatives still managed to squeeze thousands more dollars out of the man and the money was allegedly divided among them.
It seems strange that after benefiting in such a big way from this golden handshake that these relatives would seek to go after the old man’s house – the only asset he had to leave to the person who cared for him, with very little money, when he was gravely ill.
What these relatives need to understand is that “joint” means that all parties involved will benefit.
It certainly does not exclude the person whom the money really belonged to, in the first place.
Unruly maid had it coming
PEOPLE WHO WITNESSED the fight between two maids at a health institution are saying that one got what was coming to her.
Apparently, she has a reputation for always interfering with the patients, and being nosy and noisy. Even residents of the surrounding district were saying it was bound to happen because she spent more time minding people’s business than doing what she was paid to do.
The afternoon of the fight, she even angered some patients when she was rude to them as she was sweeping the floor. Apparently, she met her match, and the talk around the institution is that the young maid showed her that manners maketh not only man but woman too.
Fat mama’s sexy DJ
THE?MANY SHOUT-OUTS which a woman sends her sexy DJ lover on her BB will not stop the young girls from going after him.
She is a shopkeeper but instead of dispatching the customers, this woman spends most of the day doing numerous updates on her BlackBerry to her DJ boyfriend.
This oversized mama needs to stop trying to control the DJ and to stop advertising their business all over the Internet. BB contacts and Facebook friends are finding her actions and comments quite hilarious, especially her admission that she is always peeping through the hole in the wall to see what he is up to.
People are wondering why this handsome DJ, who is always being compared to a well known cricketer, is putting up with this blubber when there are so many young girls who adore him. They want her to know that they will continue to follow him to all of his gigs because they are his No.1 fans.
Bewildered employees
AN INFLUENTIAL PLACE is in uproar over two unrelated happenings which, together, some people say speak volumes about what is going on in their jurisdiction.
The employees are questioning how a retiring official who has been holding down a job that needs an experienced hand, given the nature of it, can be replaced by a stranger to such work. They say even though the person coming has the requisite experience in the service, the recruit cannot realistically hit the ground running, something which is sorely needed.
In the next matter, they are questioning how someone can take over a post just a few months ago and now be on holiday. They are wondering if the rule that people are supposed to work for nine months before getting holiday doesn’t apply to this high-flyer.