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Chaderton best in the West

Lisa King

Chaderton best in the West

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There was much celebration on the grounds of the West Terrace Primary school as Chaderton House emerged victorious in the scouts sports and fun day yesterday.
Scout troops from seven schools in the Northern District competed in some non-traditional sporting games and activities.
Michael Broome, Group Scout Leader for the West Terrace scout group, said it was a day for the beavers, cubs and scouts to get together and have a day of fun.
The children seemed to endorse the idea and participated fully in the events which included the school bag race where they had to get fully dressed for school before embarking on the 25-metre run to the finish line.
There was also the help-me race in which teams of three scouts created a chair and transported the other member of the team to the finish line, while their balancing abilities were tested in the bean bag race.
Other events included the cricket ball throw and a steeplechase obstacle course.
Though the event will not replace the Northern Division’s sports day, it will become an annual event on the West Terrace Primary scouting calendar.