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APD hike on from today

Albert Brandford

APD hike on from today

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Britain’s controversial Air Passenger Duty (APD), which has come under increasing criticism by Barbados and other Caribbean tourism destinations, rose by eight per cent or double the rate of inflation in that country.
Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Senator Richard Skerritt, and other Caribbean tourism officials, said they would continue to reject the decision of the British government to increase the tax on British holidaymakers.
Last week, the British government confirmed the April 1, hike in the APD despite several criticisms of the initiative.
The APD was introduced in 1994 with a £5 rate (£1 = Bds $3.20) for Britain and the European Community and £10 elsewhere. Since then, it’s seen several increases and a doubling for passengers travelling other than in economy class.
Controversially, four geographical bands were introduced in 2009 based on the distance from London to the capital city of the country concerned, which meant that British travellers were paying more for trips to Barbados and other regional destinations that further afield in?North america.
It was also confirmed that the APD would rise again in April 2013, in line with inflation.