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Plant trust in God’s Word

Cheryl Harewood

Plant trust in God’s Word

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One by one they made their way to the platform where with childlike confidence and faith, they repeated their recitations.
It was harvest time and the young people of Maxwell Wesleyan Holiness Church spared no effort telling the congregation that there was much to thank God for.
They did not allow stagefright to cripple their praising God through poetry, prose, song, dance and signage; both they and the older members ministered brilliantly.
The church’s altar, windows and some tables were bedecked with fruit, vegetables and freshly baked bread.
However, while food for the physical body was all around, the harvest celebrations were not so much about reaping food, but reaping souls for God’s harvest – the gathering of souls for His kingdom.
In his message, Reverend Anthony Worrell, district superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, disclosed that “harvest embraces every aspect of our lives – times of planting, reaping and consuming”.
He noted however, that we must plant our trust and confidence in the Word Of God and use it as a shield against the insecurities of the world.
He also said that socialization in Barbados “has made life soft for us,” and that we should learn to trust God in every situation.
“Even though the harvest of the world and future may look uncertain, once we plant our trust in the Word and confidence in God, we will be standing on a sure foundation,” he stressed.
“Our socialization has made our way of life soft. We have grown up accustomed to having running water and electricity. Doctors can be found every few steps in Barbados, while in some parts of the world itinerant doctors visit patients every four months.
“If you had a sickness today and your doctor was only visiting your area every three months, what would you do?” Worrell asked his listeners. His answer was that we would have to exercise our faith in God.
Worrell made three valid points to the congregation. He said our opinions should be fashioned and based on God’s Word; the Word Of God should fashion our actions, and it should also ferment our interaction.