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TALK BACK: Readers show great love for Sonia

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Readers show great love for Sonia

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Take a bow, Sonia Gaskin!
This past week the spotlight was shining brightly on this young, talented student of Parkinson Memorial Secondary School who was not only the victrix ludorum in the just concluded Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championships (BSSAC) but also the first female athlete to win gold in the 400 metres, 80 metres, 1 500 metres and 3 000 metres.
This young star now has at least ten scholarship offers to universities in the United States.
Gaskin was showered with praise when this news broke and our online audience, including past students of the school, celebrated her achievements.
Ron Coulbourne: “Sonia Gaskin is a credit to her school, her church and her country. She has an amazing talent. Let’s wish her all the very best for the future in her chosen career. What a true star!”
Pan Wallie: “Here is one positive young lady, well focused on her goals and finding a way to work towards them. This should serve to motivate all other Parkinson students. I want to congratulate her parents, the staff of the school and especially the headmaster Mr Alleyne whom I know works so very hard to keep that school shining. I wish you the very best, Sonia, as you pursue your dreams.”
Baje LL: “Excellent! A well deserved way to applaud and acknowledge her hard work. Clearly, it meant a lot because she became emotional. I am sure the experience she had of being recognized will resonate with her for years and years to come . . . . Keep on keeping on. Focus on your studies and development athletically so you have a plethora of options. Remain blessed because you are.”
Mel B: “I am so proud of the achievements of all of these young people. Their future is bright and, of course, by extension Barbados’ future is bright. Very intelligent, goal-focused and extraordinary! I salute the Parkinson Memorial School, its principal and staff for taking the time out to show and allow those students to be celebrated the way how they should be. Excellent stuff!”
Raquel Cadogan: “Congrats, Sonia Gaskin! Keep on keeping on! We love you.”
Fabian Massiah: “Well done, Sonia! You deserve it.”
When the story broke and a picture appeared showing former Barbados captain and West Indies player Ryan O’Neale Hinds’ at court on a rape charge, our readers were again quick to post their comments.
Hinds, 31, is accused of committing the act against a 28-year-old woman last month. He was granted bail.
Rawle Spooner: “Ryan Hinds is innocent until proven otherwise. Is that not how the justice system is supposed to work? Forget all the emotion and reserve judgment until a court of law, not a court of public opinion, sorts out the facts and makes a judgment based on those facts.”
Tonya ToyToy Lawrence: “There are always two sides to a story.”
Ricardo Arrendondo: “Sad thing is in Barbados even if proven innocent, you still carry the stigma.”