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Brian’s big days

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Brian’s big days

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Brian Green knows that it doesn’t matter where you start but it’s where you end up. Prior to 2007 he was living in Miami, working for the Barbadian Consulate planning events and felt he had found his place in the world because he was very good at what he did.
“I worked there doing events and my then boss who is probably the most amazing mentor I’ve ever had, Irving Cumberbatch, we talked,” Brian said. I told him ‘I don’t think we’re doing events as fabulously as we could, we’re doing a great job, but it could be more cohesive and could look a little better. He said if you think you’re that good give it a shot.”
Not only did Brian work at improving the quality of their events, but he got his qualifications as a Certified Meeting Planner.
“I really started to work with him on transforming the look and being more competitive on how we purchased things so we didn’t spend crazy money,” Brian said. “He (Irving) always used to say to me you’re really good, you should have your own business. When my contract came to an end, ‘I was like you know, I think it’s time to do me.”
According to Brian he took the leap of faith, reinvented himself and launched F&G Weddings.
“In this life if you don’t always reinvent yourself then something’s wrong,” he said, “You’ve got to keep changing.”
Doing events has become a passion for Brian who admits that he absolutely loves what he does.
“I get up every day and I don’t feel like I’m doing a job because I love what I do,” he said.
Not only is Brian loving it but he’s been doing well. His decision to move to Atlanta was partly motivated by his business and he hasn’t regretted it since.
“Atlanta was a very strategic decision by our company,” he said. “It’s hub of the southeast, it’s Black Hollywood, it’s the new south. The sports teams are there, it’s a very affluent society,” he said.
“When we sat down and did our business plan we thought that Atlanta would be a gateway to everywhere. From a media perspective, a lot of the national publications and television stations are there. So if you’re not going to be in New York then Atlanta made sense.”
The move has proven to be a very good one for Brian in terms of increasing the visibility of his business.
“It’s been a good five years. The whole intent to what we do at F&G Weddings is we call ourselves the best friend experience. That’s what differentiates us from the other event companies in Atlanta,” he said. 
“I’m with my girls picking out their custom gowns, we’re doing linens, picking out China patterns, drinking champagne and really creating the day. I am very hands-on because I want their day to be fantastic.
“This is the first time as a married couple they are entertaining friends and family so they are setting the tone on how they will entertain for the rest of their life.
“I don’t feel good unless guests come to me and tell me this is the most amazing wedding they’ve ever been to. I want you to see things you never seen before.”
Lots of people and media companies have even taken notice of the work Brian and his company are doing.
“We’ve had weddings published by some of the largest publications in America like The Knot, Style Me Pretty, I was asked to do the cover of Get Married magazine in 2010, and that same year I got voted wedding planner of the year.
“I accidentally met the host of WE Television hit show Get Married and asked her why am I not on the show because I’m fabulous and she said come down to the studio and do a test and I ended up being one of the wedding celebrity experts on the show for two seasons giving advice. I also ended up doing a design challenge with another wedding planner on the show. We’ve been growing from strength to strength.”
It seems that Brian has no plans of slowing down either.
“This year I just signed a development deal with another production company and we’re working on me having my own show, so fingers crossed,” he said. “It would be nice to have Cover Drive, Rihanna and Brian Green. It would be a good thing out there.”