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Am I my brother’s keeper?

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Am I my brother’s keeper?

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Are we basically good or bad?
What exactly is doing de right thing all about? Sometimes, you does think that mankind real bad and dat we gine from bad to worse!
Old people does remind de youts that 40 years ago a man mekking wrought iron burglar bars woulda dead from starvation due to lack of work.
A youngster plead guilty to more than 30 cases of breaking and entering and tiefing to survive.
He good or he bad?
Then, a man dat see de inside of prison starting 30 years ago and who does specialize in shopping at supermarkets exclusively but failing to pay, try once again to leave not with one ham but four, pull a knife pun a security officer and get shoot in he leg and got 27 months to recover compliments of the Government hotel in St Philip! He good or bad?
And this is not de first time he get caught stealing ham!
Just when yuh tink mankind basically no good and wufless, you see people responding to a call fuh help, like after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 in Grenada when the Starcom Network raise over $1 million in a radiothon fuh dem, or couple years ago when Starcom Network and the OCM Network again raise over $1 million, this time fuh Haiti, or here recently when duh had a benefit fuh young Damien Straker and thousands of people come out to support the fundraiser!
Cars did park all over Bay Street, Aquatic Gap, Garrison Hill (de girls by de Garrison musta thought wuhloss, this is a buffet tonight!).
At times like dat, yuh does got to think that mankind really kind! But then there does be times when yuh does wonder!
Tek de story of de 17-year-old boy dat get shoot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in Florida. Imagine dis young boy heading to he father house, armed with food and drinks and cellphone in he two hands but de volunteer thought he was behaving suspicious, call de police, who tell he “we will take it from here” and instruct he not to follow de young man, yet de youngster end up dead from a gunshot?
It seem right to you dat a young man should lose he life just so?
Two Wednesday nights ago, de madam, visiting Birmingham (UK) decided to do a good deed and walk two female friends back to the train station nearby, then back to she hotel.
On de way back, she was followed by four young men.?Feeling uncomfortable, she decide to go into a supermarket, in one of the main thoroughfares, was attacked and dragged over a fence by one of the men, who pelt she pun de ground while fighting to get she iPhone.
He succeed and she run into de supermarket screaming fuh help! De police got he pun CCTV camera! Relevance? Several people, including men, stood by and watch this thug assault de woman and nobody helped! Fear? Not my business? How come we could be so magnificent sometimes and so terrible on others?
Am I my brother’s keeper? What would I do? Help? Or not get involved?
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?