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What’s Trending: Almond’s closure

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What’s Trending: Almond’s closure

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
When news broke early today of the impending closure of Almond Beach Village at the end of the month, putting more than 500 workers on the breadline, many of our readers reacted.
They joined employees and shareholders and expressed shock at this new development.
Hospitality Assured Caribbean:  “It’s very unfortunate.”
Sue Batson Feuer: “Sad news.”
Higman Peters: “Maybe someone can consider purchasing the place and rehire the 500 workers. Barbados is an attractive tourism destination.”
LaREina DelMundo Sharez: “Here’s a chance for Barbadians to act. Don’t wait on Trinidadian investors, unless you guys are trying to sell your country.”
John Da Silva: “Let the market dictate the way forward.”
Trisha Hayward: “ I am so sad for the staff of this hotel.”
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